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After School Programs!
We love traveling to schools across Orange County and beyond! Call us today to find out what custom After School Program we can bring to your school!

For a current list of programs we have in schools around the area check out our calendar! CLICK HERE

Below are examples of the topics we can bring to your students! They all enhance critical thinking skills by doing hands-on activities using a STEM ocean perspective!

Alternative Energy- Solar Cars
Come explore what amazing power is created by our sun. Build a Solar Powered Car and wrap up the session with a race. Who can build the fastest? Who can be most creative in their design? Become an expert on harvesting the most power from the sun. Your child gets to keep their car!

Chemical Engineering- Plants to Plastic
This is engineering in action! Students learn to make plastics out of plant-based materials, participating in engineering challenges along the way!

Everything from non-traditional circuits to computer programming self-designed robots!

Robotics 2
Exploration and Innovation. Kids learn builder basics (soldering, wire stripping, etc.) and use innovative tools like laser cutters & 3-D printers!

Learn the parts & functions of sea creatures during this hands-on dissection!

Innovation Showcase
Students will have all the resources to design, build, create and test their own innovations under guidance and have the opportunity to showcase!